Friday, May 21, 2010


I have been seeing a lot of Vintage projects lately and decided to do one of my own. I started with a photo of my parents from about 60+ yrs ago and worked with it.

It's called Vintage Love because I never met two people more in love and dedicated to each other than these two. My mother was born in France and so of course I had to use dsp from the Enchante' collection. I made the flowers from this also. The lace is some I had in my sewing basket, the frame is an unfinished wooden one from a local craft store, the ribbon is 5/8 inch Very Vanilla Satin and the emblems at the bottom of the frame are from my mothers sewing basket.

The story behind their romance is interesting. They met in France in 1919 when my father was a soldier in WWI and my mother was a waitress in a cafe' in France. One month later they were married and left for America on a large ship. There were two decks on the ship, one for men and one for women. Even though they were married they could not be together. So it was one month later when they arrived in New York harbor before they met together again.

Now the center emblems below the picture are hearts, one a lock, one just decorative and the other says love. I believe it must have been true love or my mom would never have consented to that trip because she did not even speak English and it was her first voyage anywhere. She left her parents and sister and came to a foreign country where she knew no one but my dad and their only language was LOVE.

On the left below are circles that help tell the story of their life together. One is Peace, they were very peaceful people and lived a life of peace together even though they had many struggles. They had 8 children of which I am the youngest, they made it through the depression with 7 of those children and I'm sure there were some times of real financial hardship like we have never known. Another emblem has Enjoy Life, and they did just that. My mom was a stay at home mom, a baker, and she loved it and loved her kids very much. My dad liked to fish and on Sundays we would go fishing at the river in the morning and because my mom liked to ride we took a ride in the country in the afternoon, usually stopping for ice cream at the local Creamery. I enjoyed their life also. The other circle has Simply Everything on it. I know that they lived simply and they met everything to each other and their family meant everything to both of them.

On the right below are ovals that continue to tell the story yet today. One says Dream. I imagine my mom had a dream when she came to America. One of freedom, democracy, hope, and a wonderful future with her new husband. It must have been very hard knowing she would never see her other family again but the dream was there and she hoped to live it to the fullest. Another says Inspire. Her courage has inspired all of her children to dream of a bright future and do go forth with courage, love and dedication to make their dreams come true. Last but not least the other says Memories. Believe me I have been left with some very sweet memories. My father died when I was 8 and my mother when I was 37. I miss them both very much still but I have such tremendous memories of my childhood that will carry through until I go to be the Lord. I am so grateful I had parents who loved each other, loved their family and were dedicated to keeping it all together and making as good a life as possible for them. My dad always spent his off time with us kids, never wanted to work all the time and always wanted to please my mom. My mom was a baker, a excellent housekeeper, a gardender and always there for us kids when we needed her even after we married and moved away from home. We always knew her love and that we came first in her life after my father passed away.

So, now you know why this had to be called Vintage Love and why the Enchante' retired paper had to be used on the frame and for the roses. My mom loved her roses(she had an entire bed of them) and lace, she crocheted the neatest dollies and furniture covers also. My parents are greatly missed but also greatly appreciated and an inspiration to all who knew them.

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