Friday, May 28, 2010


Here it is almost the end of May and National Scrapbooking Month. I am bringing you the last pages of my 60 yr scrapbook today. Hope you like them and that they inspire you to start your own. It is so much fun and very easy once you get going. I have done 5 6x6 albums besides this one. Now to the task of sorting boxes of pictures. That is the real challenging part of the whole process. (lol)

That's all folks! as Bugs Bunny would say! Some of you probably don't even know who that was. I hope you all have a great holiday week-end with family and friends. We are going to dinner tomorrow night for my son's birthday and on Sunday or Monday a bar-b-que with family and friends at Santee Lakes Park. I always enjoy getting together no matter where it's at. Until next time

Thanks for stoppin in!

Have a Blessed day!


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