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Good Sunday Afternoon!
This week will be rather difficult for me to design any cards, so I thought it would be a good time to share some scrapbook pages with you, since May is also scrapbooking month. I have been working on this 60 year scrapbook for months and finally have all the pages set to put pictures in. As I go I will undoubtedly add some embellishments but these are the initial designs to get started with.

My husband is having a Brain Stimulator Implant on Thursday morning. We check in at 5:30 am and the surgery is at 7:30. It will take 4 hours, and afterward he will no longer have an essential tremor. He has had this for about 5 years or more and it has gotten worse as time went on. It has now caused him to have to eat with a spoon and use both hands to hold it. So this surgery will be such a blessing for him. It will make his life so much better. He is a fisherman and it is difficult for him to even bait the hook. So please keep him in your prayers. We have several doctors appointments before Thursday so this will be a busy week to say the least.

Now, to the scrapbook. I have started it with a page to put photos of us, then the kids, then the grandkids and then great-grandkids. The back page will be for those who don't fit on the front and of course, great-great-grandkids.

front page - colors on this page are Baja Breeze and Whisper White

back page - I used paper and embellishments from the "Summer Home" scrapbooking kit (now retired) throughout my whole album.

This one and the next are done in Kiwi Kiss background with Whisper White.

It is amazing to me to go through this album now and to see how my pages changed as I advanced. First few were quite plain but as you go along you will see that they became quite involved at the end.

This and the next one are Chocolate Chip with some DSP and Whisper White.

Getting a little more courage. I had not done a large scrapbook before. I have made 4 or 5 6x6 books with help from my friends, but never attempted one on my own. I was amazed at how easy it became as I went along.

This one and the next are also Chocolate Chip and Whisper White with some DSP from a retired set of paper.

I used my eyelet border punch on these last two, just to give a little different look. I can hardly wait to put pictures in. It will take awhile because I have boxes of pictures to go through and of course most were not dated so I will have to figure out when they were taken. I will put the finished projects in here when the time comes.

For now, I will continue with some more pages tomorrow after we go to the lab for blood work. He cannot have any infection of any kind in his body at the time of surgery, and he is just getting over a urinary track infection. So he needs to be checked out. He is also diabetic so that needs to be monitored very closely also.

Needless to say, we are both tired of Dr's offices and labs at this point. Can't wait to get through Thursday.

In case you don't know what this surgery is, they go into the brain with a small drill to make a hole to put the stimulator wire in. Then electrodes are sent through the wire to stop the tremor. He will wear a battery pack under the skin in his chest and the battery will have to be changed or charged(I'm not sure which) about every 6 years.

I am glad I did not have to make the decision for him to have this done. I don't think I would have said yes, but he has become so frustrated with the tremor that he jumped at the chance to have it gone.

There are several risks involved, such as, stroke, excessive bleeding, or infection. Just pray that none of this happens and everything comes out fine.

Until tomorrow;

Thanks for stoppin in!

Have a Blessed Day!


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  1. You know I am praying for both of you. And, you were right - I LOVE THE PAGES!!! Awesome job, Mom!!! Can't wait to see the rest :)